Quiz-O-Matic Trivia

What are you doing on Friday? Answer: Trivia at Luppoleto!

Weekly Trivia

Quiz-O-Matic Trivia at Luppoleto is every Friday at 7pm.

The Tournament of SMRT-ness

In 2023, we had our first Trivia Tournament; a 7 week stretch where, in addition to weekly winners, scores from all games were tallied to crown the OVERALL champion!

The Grand Prize

Along with the coveted Quiz-O-Matic trophy (pictured above), the winners are awarded a resplendent WWE belt and a rotating prize which has included everything from a guided tasting with brewer James and certified beer judge Jen to an opportunity to design a beer with James that we serve in the taproom!

Weekly Prizes

Weekly Prizes are awarded to the top 3 teams.

Bonus Prize Drawing

Each week your team competes (i.e. starts and finishes a game), you will earn an entry in our drawing for a 6-month Mugless Club Membership! Now that’s one HELLUVA participation trophy!

Past Champions


Mugless & Clueless

Heather & Brian won the 1st “Design A Beer” prize. Their beer was called OverREDeducated a Nuremberg-Style Rotbier (Red Beer).



This supergroup won the 2nd “Design A Beer” prize. Their beer is to be determined…