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Well, the time has come; as of Monday, March 16th, we have suspended taproom service indefinitely as part of nationwide precautions to help stem the spread of Coronavirus. As I write this, I’ve learned the Governor has ordered closure of all bars and restaurants anyway, so good to know we are on the same page, I suppose. UPDATE: As of July 3rd, We have partially re-opened the taproom.

Order 22oz growlers online

Order by Noon For Same Day Pickup

Be Sure to Schedule Your Pickup After you Order! We fill on demand & want to ensure your beer is ready when you arrive for the smooooooothest possible touchless interaction.

How it works:

  1. Go to our online store and add the desired beers to your shopping cart.
  2. Once you checkout, we’ll fill 22oz bottles with the beers you ordered.
  3. Use the scheduling link in your confirmation email to schedule a pickup time
    • Reference the Pickup Schedule below for deadlines & pickup windows
    • Pickups are in 5 minute increments
  4. Simply pull up outside the brewery at the time you’ve selected time and we’ll bring out your order.
  5. We’ll need to confirm your identity (i.e. that the name on the order matches the name on your ID) and that you are of age, however we can complete this check thru a closed car window.
  6. Upon confirmation, we’ll either (a) place the bottles in the trunk of your vehicle or (b) leave them on a sanitized table for you to pickup once the brewery employee has returned inside. Thus minimizing contact during the handoff.

Pickup Schedule

Your confirmation email will indicate the earliest time your order could be ready. Please note, this is NOT your scheduled pickup time. You must pick a time AFTER that, using the Calendar tool linked in your confirmation email.

For Thursday Pickup

We have temporarily suspended Saturday pickup as we prepare to re-open the taproom on Saturdays. If Thursdays won’t work for you, please let us know and we can work out an alternate pickup / delivery time.


What do we do with the empty bottles?

UPDATE: After extensive reading, we’ve established a bottle reuse strategy and feel comfortable accepting bottle returns. A clearly marked box will be placed outside the brewery during our pickup window where you can return any of our 22 oz bottles (we only ask that you rinse them first). These bottles will be isolated for 3 days before running thru a disinfectant process, followed by an ADDITIONAL round of cleaning, rinsing & sanitizing steps. Of course you are welcome to follow our original guidance if you prefer: Rinse & recycle ‘em.

These seem like regular bottles, why are you calling them growlers?

This is simply a legal distinction for regulatory compliance. If these were bottles, intended for sale outside the brewery, they would need labels. The labels must be approved by the government. Since we don’t have time to steward 10 brands & labels thru the process right now, we are complying with all the rules associated with growlers: filled on demand, labeled with our standard Federally compliant growler tags.

How long will they last?

We expect an unopened bottle, kept cold, to be good for up to 2-weeks. We are purging the bottles with Co2 and filling them from the bottom to minimize oxygen exposure and capping with O2 absorbing caps. However, they won’t be as perfect as what comes off a comercial bottling line and they haven’t been filtered or pasturized. So let’s just say, keep ‘em cold, drink ‘em as fresh as possible.

We will closely monitor the situation and if health officials offer additional guidance which suggests the need to shut down all service entirely, we will promptly refund all unfilled orders.

If you have placed an order and no longer feel safe picking it up, just use the contact form to reach out and we will issue a refund.

Again, if you just want to show your support for our business without leaving your home, you can purchase an eGift Card which can be used whenever. Or you can consider a Mugless Club Membership that will begin from the date of your first visit – sometime in the future once the danger has passed.

As we’ve said before, there is absolutely no obligation to participate. We are just trying to provide access to our beer in the most low-risk way possible. Thank You all for your continued support. Stay safe.

~ Jen + James

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