Re-Opening...Slowly, Carefully

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a loop? It was about this time, last year, that we were itching to get the doors open. Each day, we’d check 5 items off our to-do list only to add 5 more. We’d have a breakthrough and then a setback. All the while, attempting to strike the right balance between realism and optimism when fielding the question, “So when are you opening?”

That answer is Friday, July 3rd 4-9pm.

This time we aren’t starting from scratch so it’s just a matter of spinning up the safety machinery which means following lots and lots of rules.

Call Ahead Style Seating

UPDATE: We have decided to forgo any form of reservation / call-ahead seating for now.

Safety Guidelines

Please review the Safety & Food Guidelines prior to arrival. (TL;DR Mask Up when not seated, Order Food when you arrive)

Next Round

We’re building a website where you can make a reservation, check-in to a table, browse our menu and even submit your order all from the comfort of your seat. We’re really excited to get it in your hands soon.

Outdoor Seating

The Next Round website will be especially useful for customers ordering from our planned outdoor seating area. We’re calling it a Biergarten cuz that sounds more exciting but, since there are no immediate plans for an Oom-Pah band, “Patio” might be more apt. Nah, Biergarten. Either way, more details coming soon!

Touchless Takeout Beer

We will continue to offer Touchless Takeout Beer for pickup on Thursdays, 3-6pm. The taproom will remain closed on Thursdays to ensure your transaction is as low touch as possible. We will be suspending Saturday pickups for now as we plan to add taproom hours that day. We may resume this service if there is a lot of demand. Please let us know if Saturday pickup is your only option, we will work with you to ensure you get beer.

Upcoming Calendar

Here is our tentative schedule for the next few weeks. Please note: Reservations / Call Ahead is required since we have VERY limited seating at the moment:

July 2nd - 4th


Touchless Takeout Beer, Pickups 3-6pm

Thirsty Thursday Live 6:30pm on Facebook Live

Friday: Open 4-9PM, (Indoor Seating)

Saturday: CLOSED (Independence Day)

July 9th - 11th

Thursday: Touchless Takeout Beer, Pickups 3-6pm

Friday: Open 4-9PM (Indoors, Biergarten?)

Saturday: Open 1-9PM (Indoors)

July 16th - 18th

Thursday: Touchless Takeout Beer, Pickups 3-6pm

Friday: Open 4-9PM (Indoors, Biergarten?)

Saturday: Open Indoor 1-9PM

And that’s just about enough prognosticating for us. We know things seldom go as planned, especially in the current chaos of the world today. Keep an eye on the Hours page for the latest, we will keep that page updated as things evolve.

Thanks again for your amazing support during such a challenging time. Here’s to hoping for better days ahead!

Saluti! ~J+J

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