Introducing the Prova Series

Let’s be clear. We don’t have a proper lab where we can do real beaker & microscope experiments (yet). We are talking about flavor experiments. Cross polination. Hybridization. Titration.

These are all fancy words for mixing. There are many ways to experiment within the brewing world. We think there is still plenty of insight to be gained:

  1. At the edge of styles
  2. In between styles

At the Edge

Porters can range from barely roasty to “Is this just coffee beans? It tastes like drinking coffee beans.”. IPA’s range from a gentle bite, to palate wrenching bitterness. Each style has a dozen or so attributes that make it unique, we like to single out one of those attributes and push it towards one extreme or another Piccolo is the result of asking if we can achieve MOST of the Belgian Tripel character without pushing into double-digit ABV (so that we can drink more than one!).

In Between Styles

The other obvious flavor-playground is the space between styles. What happens when we mix this beaker with that one? Peanut butter & chocolate, macaroni & cheese, taters & tots. Ok these are simplistic but crossing one beer style with another has already produced interesting results: Steam Beer is lager yeast fermented at warm tempertures, Altbier is ale yeast fermented cool then lagered. Prova #1 explores what happens when we take a Belgian yeast & hop it like a NEIPA.

Sometimes our experiments will be more nuanced – which is to say, they may reveal a very minor detail, or - of equal but more boring value - reveal that the change we tried doesn’t actually make a difference. Anyhow, keep an eye out for these experiments popping up alongside our regular offerings.

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