The Mugless Club

Mugs have their place. Their big thick edges provide exceptional durability. The opaque ceramic versions are often purchased from local artisans and provide protection from light. Mugs keep your hands from warming the beer. They can also be used to bludgeon nearby scoundrels and evildoers.

But, mugs are not always our preferred drinking vessel. Occasionally a mug, stein or other sturdy drinking vessel is the perfect vessel for say: Maerzen or Dunkel. But drinking a lively Belgian-style beer, delicate sour, tropical IPA or Hefeweizen from a big mug just doesn’t seem – well let’s be honest, it doesn’t seem as fun.

And beer is supposed to be fun!

When folks asked if Luppoleto would have a mug club we were conflicted. We hemmed. We hawwed. We wondered what those noises meant.

Then we got the idea for the Mugless Club.

What if….

As an added benefit; we’re not limited by the number of mugs we can store. So anyone who wants to be a member can be a member. So what do Mugless Club members get?

Mugless Club

1-year membership, $75 $69 Holiday Sale!

Join the Mugless Club

Stiltwalker Club

3-year membership, $200 $179 Holiday Sale!

Limited to 40 members, this is a 3-year membership to the Mugless club PLUS:

Join the Stiltwalker Club

Community Hopyard Project

The first 20 Stiltwalker Club members will become the founding members of our Community Hop Project.

Membership period starts on date of purchase.

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