Join Our Birthday Fruit-strava-ganza!

We made it. We hoped and planned to make it. We had also hoped and planned to grow. But 2020 had other plans. So as we approach the end of our first year, it actually feels like enough to say, “We made it”. And this year, that is a pretty significant accomplishment.

So on to the celebration!! We had planned to have a party. But in light of the ongoing COVID situation, we are spreading out our celebration through the whole month of September.

We’re known for variety but also for our brewing restraint. Our beers are generally fairly dry. We don’t put pastries or cake in our beer. We don’t make lots of high ABV beers. We don’t make exclusively IPA’s. We don’t do milkshake IPAs. Not that there is anything wrong with that – it’s just not our style.

So we figured – hey, it’s our birthday month. Maybe we should let loose a bit. So yeah. We went a little fruit crazy. We’re calling it a Fruit-strava-ganza! Well, James is calling it that…not sure if it will catch on.

Fruit-Strava-Ganza Taplist

Each weekend throughout September, we will release a new fruited variation:

It’s true. There is nothing here with pineapple but when you search for “fruit wearing birthday hat” and something comes up, you use it.

Anti-Fruit Taplist

And for those who aren’t fans of lots of fruit, these beers will make their return this month:

Food Trucks

We are working to step up our food truck game. We will also bring back Hartford Baking Co. Pretzels for the release of our Oktoberfest beer.

We have a few trucks in the pipeline – keep an eye out here and on Social Media for updates.

Putting Down Roots

And for the grand finale, we will be hosting our Community Hopyard Growers for a special collaborative brew we’re calling, “Putting Down Roots”. This beer will feature Thrall Malt, grown & malted just a few miles down the road. And hops from our Nano Hopyard along with hops from our Community Hopyard Growers. Community Hopyard growers will have the opportunity to schedule a time to mask up and observe the brewing process. They may even get to add their own home-grown hops to the batch!

A portion of proceeds from this beer will support The Grove Street Garden project, a local Windsor Locks, Conn. charity. More Details Here…

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