Beer Alternatives

If beer is not your libation of choice, never fear, we’ve got you covered! With a selection of Connecticut Made Cider, Wine, Soft Drinks & NA Beers, you’ll never leave thirsty!


We keep a rotation of local Connecticut-Made ciders on tap. Great producers like New England Cider in Wallingford, CT will always be available. Aside from providing a tasty alternative to beer, these ciders provide a gluten-free option.

We offer a rotating selection of Ciders that typically include any of the following:


We offer a selection of Connecticut-Made wines:

From Lost Acres – North Granby, Conn.

From ItG Wines – Mansfield, Conn.


We offer a selection of pre-mixed canned cocktails from Drink Mechanics along with a rotating selection of bespoke cocktails every Wednesday.

From Drink Mechanics:

Soft Drinks

We carry Connecticut-Made sodas from Hosmer Mountain Soda.

Non-Alcoholic Beer

We also have Connecticut-Made NA Beers from Athletic Brewing.

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