What happens when you turn an Amber Ale to 11? Toffee gives way to caramel, brown sugar gives way to figgy dark fruit and the subtle warming alcohol knits the whole thing together in a dangersously drinkable package. Well, we hope – we haven’t brewed this recipe before!

What is Widdershins?

It means to go counter-clockwise or more broadly, to go against the current. When we started Luppoleto, the hype breweries were focused on pushing limits and demonstrating just how far outside the lines they could color. This makes for a very interesting but “messy” coloring book. Or at least, it makes the few “inside the lines breweries” stand out.

For better or worse; we are moving contrary to the trend. This is mainly because, when the great milkshake-ification of the industry took hold, we found ourselves craving contintental lagers, british ales and - heaven forbid - bitter IPAS. There is plenty of under-explored brewing territory within the historic beer styles from around the world. Freshness is so important with beer that I’d suggest anyone who had an imported beer still hasn’t really had that style, small craft brewers can breath new life into these beers just by serving them fresh in the taproom.

We think liquid history has plenty more to teach us. Hopefully, there are a few people whose beer journey, like ours, has gone widdershins.

Bonus Word Lesson: Shoogly!

Also, while going down the “Scottish Words” rabbit hole we stumbled(!) on this gem: Shoogly (shoo-glee) - a word that means wobbly, can also be used as a noun as in “give it a shoogle”. This will come back as a beer or cocktail name. It just didn’t seem to fit here.

  • Hops
  • Fruit
  • Spice
  • Bitter
  • Roast
  • Sweet
7.0% ABV