Putting down roots photo

Putting down roots

Tue, Sep 8, 2020

Hops Grown By the Community, For the Community. Announcing An Ultra Local Beer Benefiting Local Ag + Windsor Locks

#connecticut grown #farming #our philosophy #charity #community

Community hopyard project photo

Community hopyard project

Tue, May 7, 2019

We envision a day soon where you can sip Luppoleto beers among the hop bines. But until we can make that a reality, we need your help!

#connecticut grown #farming #our philosophy

Growing hops at home photo

Growing hops at home

Wed, May 1, 2019

Want to grow hops at home? It's super easy, they look cool and you might get a free beer out of it!

#farming #connecticut grown

Craft maltsters connecting local farmers & brewers photo

Craft maltsters connecting local farmers & brewers

Sun, Apr 15, 2018

Building on the pioneering success of Valley Malt, The Thrall Family is Filling the Missing Link Between Grain & Glass for Connecticut Brewers

#stories #connecticut grown #farming

Luppoleto the story behind the name photo

Luppoleto the story behind the name

Mon, Jan 15, 2018

Not just the Italian word for hopyard, Luppoleto pays hommage to our craft beer journey.

#stories #farming #connecticut grown

The wright nano hopyard photo

The wright nano hopyard

Mon, Feb 15, 2016

Established 2008 to evaluate the viability of very small scale hop farming in Connecticut. We learned the biggest problem was picking not growing.

#stories #connecticut grown #farming

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