Timeline Trivia Rules!

“Timeline” is a card game where each card depicts a historical event on one side and the date of that event on the other side. The goal is to place that card correctly in chronological order on the shared timeline - made up of other players’ cards – before it is flipped over to reveal the date.

Since typically, all players would be gathered around the same table, we’ve had to make a few changes to adapt the game for team play with a larger group. Here’s how it works…


We prime the board with 3 cards, already in chronological order, with their dates showing.

On Your Turn:

  1. Your team will come up to the table & draw 2 cards (without revealing the dates).
  2. You get 2 minutes to decide where those 2 cards belong on the timeline.
  3. You are awarded points for each correctly placed card.

Correctly placed cards remain in the timeline, incorrectly placed cards are removed.


As the game progresses, it gets harder because there are more dates to work around, so the points will get higher as follows:

Please note, you are not permitted to use any internet connected devices or reference material during your turn.


Each team can use each of the following lifelines once during the game.

  1. Extra Card – After you see your cards, but before you place them, you can buy an extra card to place during your turn.

  2. High/Low – When you place a card, but before we reveal the date, we’ll tell you if it’s too high or too low and give you a chance to move it.

  3. Gimmie – Once the date is revealed, if you placed your card within 1 card of the correct spot you can move it and get the points

Historical topics covered include: inventions, signficant conflicts, important buildings, and other milestones. Get your team together now!

Next Timeline Trivia…

Our next Timeline Trivia is Friday, April 14th - during the Trivia Off-Season - while we wait for the Quiz-O-Matic to recharge. Hope to see you then!

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