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A few years ago, our friend Marty kept talking about the Smilow Closer to Free Ride. About how it was such a great cause. About how he loved to be part of it. About how we should ride.

We said, “Yeah but…we’re working to open a brewery. I think most of our fundraising avenues are tapped out.”

He said, “Just sign up. We’ll make it work.”

We said, “We can’t do 40 miles!”

He said, “Just sign up. You can do 25 miles. You can change it anytime – including the day of the ride.”

That summer, James' uncle, Boyd passed away from a long battle with Cancer.

So we stopped with the excuses and signed up.

And it was truly an amazing, rewarding and humbling experience.

We each raised over $1000 for Cancer Research at Yale New Haven Hospital and Patient Care at Smilow Cancer Center. We rode 40 miles. We met so many wonderful, generous and strong people along the way. And, this year we’re all-in!

Team Craft Beer got serious too. We went from 60 riders last year to 100+ (and counting!) this year. We raised over $100,000 as a team last year and we’ve already surpassed $30,000 this year. We are fundraising with sponsored spots on jerseys, selling t-shirts, even water bottles! There are a bunch of great events in the works including a mini-music festival, a rare beer auction, and a beer fest.

All the good stuff you hear about the Craft Beer industry. That is on display within Team Craft Beer.

As a brewery, we will be pouring at the 2nd Annual: Summers, Sessions, Sours & Stouts beer fest, Saturday June 29th at New England Brewing Co. All proceeds support Team Craft Beer riders. We hope to host a training ride and a special beer release event later this summer. Stay tuned!

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