We're (Soft) Open. Here's What to Expect...

First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our project from helping build tables, benches, and counters to the countless hours wrestling FRP, cleaning, painting, sanding, staining, torching – even the “likes” and upbeat comments online kept us going – without you folks this project never would have reached the finish line.

Soft Open FAQ’s

But now that we are at the finish line, we have some catching up to do…

  1. We’re open for pours Thursday - Saturday. Our Hours & Directions will always be up to date!
  2. We are not currently filling growlers. We plan to. Just not yet.
  3. Yes, you can bring in outside food.
  4. Don’t worry about how to pronounce things – we don’t care, you shouldn’t either. Just have fun with it!
  5. Per the local health board, pets are not allowed. (Yes, we know this is a bummer. Unfortunetely, it’s outside of our control.)
  6. We have a mug club…sorta. We call it the Mugless Club
  7. The only non-beer options we currently offer are Hard Cider from New England Cider in Walingford, CT and water. We plan to expand this in the future.

Other Questions?

Have additional questions / concerns or feedback? Let us know

We look forward to sharing our beers with you!

Saluti! Jen & James

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