Luppoleto Running Club

It is so nice to get back out there, enjoying fitness and fresh air with friends.

Start Time is Now 5:30pm b/c of Daylight Fading (come and waste another year)

Many years ago, people thought beer was integral to a healthy lifestyle. In part, this was because the beermaking process involves boiling water which we now know kills many microscopic critters wreaking havoc in the medieval times. Later, there was insistence that beer - like wine - was good for you in moderation; yielding similar health benefits. But we now know, that the primary way beer can have a positive impact is through helping you relax and unwind.

Well, now we have a new health benefit – beer is the carrot on the stick for our running club.

In a nutshell, we meet regularly on Thursday evenings, run a few miles along the Windsor Locks Canal Trail (or around town when the Canal Trail is closed), and return to the brewery for a beverage. Since the run will take place during our Happy Hour, we are extending Happy Hour pricing to runners upon their return.

Runners of all levels are welcome! Since it’s an out-and-back trail you can run as far as you’d like at whatever pace you’d like.

We meet by our Biergarten area at 5:30pm and run over to the canal together. From there you can run as far down the path as you’d like and back, and we’ll all meet back up at the brewery afterwards.

Want to stay in touch with the group? Join the Luppoleto Running Club Facebook Group!

We hope to see you Thursday!

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