Roarin' Repeal Day is Dec. 4th!

It was obvious. A repeat of the “Roaring 20’s” they said. It almost seemed too simplistic. But after a few months in quarantine, it seemed inevitable. Another fun, footloose, fancy-free era is on the horizon because it is what people need. As we begin to see glimpses of light, hints of normalcy and clues we might be past the worst of this pandemic, two things have become clear…

  1. People cannot be kept indefinitely from what makes them human: connection.
  2. People need reprieve from turmoil, a chance to feel joy, to smile, to laugh again.

So this year, on December 4th, we celebrate fun, flapper-filled optimism of the 20’s on the eve of “Repeal Day”!

You are all invited to dress in 20’s era garb (or not) and enjoy an evening of optimism. In addition to our house-brewed beer, local wine and cider we are hoping to have a few other local libations available courtesy of Waypoint Spirits! Who knows, there may even be a few jazz musicians kicking around.

For you history sticklers out there: yes, repeal day is ACTUALLY December 5th. But flapper dresses, formalwear, beer & cocktails seem better suited for Saturday evening than a Sunday afternoon. Let’s call it “Repeal Day: Observed”.

We also fully understand that the 21st Amendment (Repealing Prohibition) was ratified in 1933. But glitzy fashion, and fancy décor fell from favor when the stock market crashed in ‘29. “The Great Depression” ushered in a return to highly pragmatic, drab clothing and traded the excesses of Art Deco for more austerely appointed dwellings. We prefer to channel the more festive flapper vibes.

So instead of encouraging folks to celebrate in gray, soot-stained Depression-era coveralls, we’ve combined these cultural touchstones to celebrate - not one, but two - transitions from dark chapters in American history.

Whether we’ve truly emerged from yet another dark chapter, it is too soon to tell, but we’d wager nearly everyone could benefit to act like it, if just for a night.

Cheers! Salute!

~ Jen & James

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