Windsor Locks Adopts New Brewing Regulations!

“With the brewery in place, I still had one small obstacle to clear before I could open the pub: My plan to open a brewery in in Delaware was totally illegal."

– Sam Calagione, Founder Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

In 1995, Sam co-authored a bill and presented it on the floor of the Delaware State Senate. We merely worked with the Town of Windsor Locks to bring their zoning regulations into parity with the updated Connecticut State statutes. Despite the fact our regulatory hurdle was much, much smaller, I feel a sense of kinship over this small bit of shared history.

Bottom line: we helped change the regulations to pave the way for our Rt. 75 Taproom.

Next: We must apply for a permit under these new regulations. A sign will be posted at our proposed location and notice will be published in the local paper in advance of the public hearing. I suspect if there is any resistance to this project, that’s when it will emerge. We will be sure to let everyone know the dates so we can get a good turnout in support.

For those of you who took the time to come out to Town Hall last night, THANK YOU! We truly appreciate your support and enthusiasm.



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