March Events

60 degrees and sunny. Yeah, that makes sense. We got our t-shirts just in time for a cold snap last Fall then placed a big order for sweatshirts only to experience the most mild winter in recent memory. Folks, there is a non-zero chance our brewery has nominal control over the weather. We can’t rule it out.

UPDATE: All March Events have been postponed in response to the ongoing global Coronavirus crisis.

Now we brought some of that on ourselves by putting together the world’s most complex order. When the vendor informed us 1/2 of the colors/sizes we wanted weren’t available, we pivoted to other brands and similar colors 1/4 of which weren’t available. At this point we are thinking they’ll be ready just in time for next Winter. Or, we could offer them as part of the walk-in cooler tour. But I digress.) Hooray for Early Spring! Kinda.

Weekend #1

Thurdsay (Mar 5)

Friday (Mar 6)

Saturday (Mar 7)

Sunday (Mar 8)

Weekend #2

Thursday (Mar 12)

Friday (Mar 13)

Saturday (Mar 14)

Sunday (Mar 16)

Weekend #3

Thursday (Mar 19)

Friday (Mar 20)

Saturday (Mar 21)

Sunday (Mar 22)

Weekend #4

Thurdsay (Mar 26)

Friday (Mar 27)

Saturday (Mar 28)

Sunday (Mar 1)

NOTE: We will update this post with more details as they become available.

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