The Crowd At the Gates

Craft brewers who make a Bud Light Alternative as a gateway for macro-beer drinkers may get stuck brewing that “boring” beer forever and not actually getting anyone past the gate.

As the beer industry grows in leaps and bounds, new customers come from one of these three groups:

  1. Wine + Spirit Drinkers
  2. Macro Beer Drinkers
  3. New Drinkers

Since it is by far the largest group, the wisest strategy aims to convert Macro Beer Drinkers to Craft. First, they already drink beer. Sure, they prefer the neutral stuff but with the right stepping stone they may find their way into the fold, right? Then again, swapping mass market swill for a small-scale version of the same thing is simple slight of hand; it doesn’t move the drinker meaningfully closer to craft. It’s like trading one set of training wheels for another…more expensive, hand-crafted set. They’re no closer to riding properly.

What we want is to take away one of the training wheels; make them a little unsteady but provide some support. If the gateway beer takes no convincing, it isn’t a gateway at all. In the same way you know you’ve underbid the project when you get a quick and enthusiastic “Deal!” in reply. There should be contemplation. They must be unsure about those first few sips. Some will retreat to the comfort of 2 extra wheels. Others, emboldened by their success, will ditch the training wheels altogether.

Or at least that is our theory. So no, there will not be a Bud Light Alternative on the menu. Budwieser, Miller, Coors and Corona have the light lager area pretty well covered. They make an excellent, clean, refreshing example of the style. But if you are looking for more or even just a little curious, come see us.



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