Virus Response & Readiness

There is little doubt, we are entering exceptionally challenging times. Our vision for Luppoleto was centered upon making our brewery a social gathering place. We’re painfully aware that – for the health & safety of our employees and patrons - this may soon become unsustainable.

At this moment, we plan to continue “normal operation” through at least this weekend, but it is with substantial reluctance – and out of an abundance of caution – that we are taking steps to transition our operation to provide takeout-beer only. This will hopefully be a temporary measure, but more on that later.

UPDATE: Effective 3/16/20

Taproom service has been suspended indefinitely. For now, we will only provide takeout beer orders thru our online shop.

In the meantime, like most other breweries, we have re-doubled our efforts and enhanced our already stringent sanitizing regimen; adding additional shared surfaces to the cleaning routine and removing as many shared “self-serve” items from the taproom as possible. All employees have been provided the option to decline shifts if they feel unsafe and have been instructed to stay home if they or anyone they encounter has any symptoms.

So, if you feel safe coming out, there will be beer flowing in the taproom…for now.

Take Out Beer

If you already feel it’s a bit dodgy to drink in the taproom, but still crave Luppoleto beer for your prolonged housebound-ness. We’re setting up an online store for customers to pre-order growlers. There are still some logistics to work out but here is the main idea:

Order Online

We will setup a simple, secure website where you can place your order online. You can mix and match with ANY of the items currently on tap. There will be a 10% Discount on Full Cases (12 bottles). These will be pre-paid online to keep the handoff as low-touch as possible.

Filled On-Demand

We are purchasing new, 22 oz bottles for this purpose. They are plain, unbranded brown glass, with traditional caps so we keep costs as low as possible for you. We already sanitize bottles inside but we will do this both inside and out. The bottles will then be bagged and placed in the cooler while we arrange for pickup.

Solitary Pickup

Once your order is ready we will contact you to coordinate a pickup time, probably a window of 10 minutes or so. We are obligated to confirm that the person picking up the beer is (a) of drinking age and (b) is the person who placed the order. Only brewery employees will be on premise at this time to ensure minimal social contact.

We are still working out the finer details but this gives you a general idea of what we’re hoping to accomplish.

If you are interested in participating, please consider signing up for our Newsletter (below) as announcements will come through that channel first.

Future Beer

If you just want to show your support for our business without leaving your home, you can purchase an eGift Card which can be used whenever. Or you can consider a Mugless Club Membership that will begin from the date of your first visit – sometime in the future once the danger has passed.

Zero Obligation

We also recognize this is an intensely stressful and difficult time for everyone. Please do not feel as though you have an obligation to keep our small business afloat. Everyone is trying to figure out how to traverse this relatively uncharted territory; each person has their own share of struggles ahead. We only present these options for those who are interested in lower risk ways to get our beer and who are able to help support our tiny taproom at this time.

It is our most sincere hope that swift action will blunt the impact of this Pandemic and we will be able to toast together again soon. But in the meantime, Thank You all for your continued support. Be well.

~ Jen + James

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