Community Hopyard Project

A first location is like a first apartment. You may dream of a loft in a highrise but when the reality of the budget sinks in – you have to get more practical. We feel like our location in Dexter Plaza is a great place to start; plenty of parking, reasonable rent, close by the center of town and lots of energy from town staff to reinvigorate the area.

But it fell short on one count; an actual hopyard. Our dream of having patrons sip, and savor Luppoleto beers among the hop bines will remain on hold for now. In the meantime, we thought, why not divide our hop plants among willing growers in the community, one plant at a time!

Become A Grower

We will provide a potted hop plant, grown from our original Hopyard. You get to take it home and plant it in a sunny spot (we are happy to provide growing tips).

Luppoleto Stiltwalker Club members get first crack at the hop plants, but after that, any extra plants are made available to all.

Contact Us about Becoming a Grower for the Upcoming Season!

Bring Your Harvest to the Brewery

If, come August, your plant has produced hops, you can pluck them off and bring ‘em into the brewery. Then we’ll brew a special beer with all of those hops.

Help Us Brew

Once all the hop harvest has been collected, we will schedule a brewday and invite any growers who are interested / available to stop in and observe, maybe even toss their hops into the kettle! The beer, called Putting Down Roots will be a hoppy red ale.

COVID UPDATE: We are still hoping to have growers participate in the brew day but it will by reservation to ensure proper social distancing.


You will get an invitation to the Grower’s-only preview of our community “Wet Hopped” beer. As a thank you, your 1st pour is on us.

Benefit the Community

A portion of proceeds from this beer will benefit The Grove Street Garden project; where students from the local Vo-Ag school, along with volunteers, farm a small patch of land and donate the fresh produce to the Windsor Locks Food Bank.

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