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We love the small business community in CT. We’ve met so many great folks who offer support, guidance, and the occasional impromptu therapy. They’re all working hard to keep their business going while still offering a hand to those in need. We may be apart but we’re not alone.

The good folks at idleWilde came out with this idea called the CommuniTEE Initiative: to help small businesses (like us & like them) AND to help a charity at the same time. Here’s how it works:

We have a lot of friends throughout the CT beer & restaurant scene who were deeply impacted so we selected the CT Hospitality Relief Fund as the recipient. 50% of proceeds will go to help provide relief to those hospitality workers in critical need of supplemental income.

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These are premium quality shirts, that fit true to size. Poly/cotton blend. Pre-shrunk.

We’re doing our best to keep the brewery running so this program offered a great way to give back, even in a small way, while making it possible to help keep our doors open.

The other great thing about this partnership is; while we can’t sell beer across state lines, we can send t-shirts anywhere! So if you have been following our story at all and are looking for a way to rep the LUPPOLETO Stiltwalker and know you supported a great cause along the way. You can check out our communiTEE shirt!

Luppoleto is a community-centric busines. We exist to bring a little joy to the lives of our patrons, and that means lending a helping hand whenever we can – with help from our amazing Luppoleto family. Thanks for your continued support! ~j+j

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