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We’ve only poured our beer at two Events this year: The Greenhouse Festival & Summers, Sessions, Sours & Stouts. We felt strongly about supporting these events because they were fundraisers for Team Craft Beer; a collection of casual riders & serious cyclists who love beer & HATE cancer.

Both Jen & James will be participating in the Closer to Free Ride as part of Team Craft Beer. 100% of the funds we raise go directly to support Cancer Research and Patient Care at Yale New Haven Hospital & Smilow Cancer Hospital.

We share this here because charity & community outreach will be a big part of what we do at Luppoleto Brewing Co. 110% of our energy has been devoted to getting the brewery doors open but we reserved tiny chunks of energy for Team Craft Beer Training Rides. We also want to invite you to be part of it – either by making a donation to Smilow Cancer Hospital via Jen or James or by purchasing a pint of Stout Season or even joining Team Craft Beer as part of next year’s ride.

Support Us

Jen is the Executive Director & Co-Owner at Luppoleto. She runs the monies, and let’s be honest – she runs the show! James likes to ponder things. Jen makes stuff happen! As such, she is way ahead on fundraising. So, she doesn’t mind if you donate to James (plus James runs the website so he can write whatever he wants before she notices and makes him take it down….unless he offers a feckless smile & batts his eyes. That usually makes her laugh and sometimes…she’ll let James get away with it.)

James is the lead brewer & Co-Owner at Luppoleto. He can bike many miles on a flat level surface but hills? Those are bad. Little did he know the Closer to Free ride goes right over the top of East Rock in New Haven. But James won’t back down from a challenge. He’ll push thru those stupid big hills because it’s nothing compared to what the folks with Cancer are going thru. We do this for them.

To sweeten the deal a bit, if you make a donation to either of our rides, we’ll make sure to put you (+1) on our Preview Event guest list. The actual date of that event is TBD because of the flurry of inspections still pending, but it will be in the next few weeks. So if you are flexible and want to be among the first to try our beers, just make a donation to either Jen or James' ride and add a message about the Luppoleto Preview as part of your donation. We’ll send you a message thru the Closer to Free site with Preview Event info when it gets finalized. Or if you prefer to be more anonymous, just email a receipt or your donation to info at luppoleto dot com and we’ll get you on the guest list.

Preview Event FAQ’s

Q: Do we get free beer?

A: No. You get discounted beer. All beers at our preview event will be Happy Hour pricing.

Q: What if we donate and then can’t make it? Do we get a refund?

A: No. You won’t get a refund because we never get your money. It goes directly to Smilow / Yale New Haven Hospital. However, if you cannot attend the preview, we will ensure you have a spot at an upcoming special event like our upcoming Hop Harvest Party. If you have concerns about this, just hold off until we open in the next few weeks.

Q: What if I want an invite but don’t feel comfortable making an online donation?

A: Just send us a message thru our Contact Form or thru Facebook and we’ll work something out.

Q: What is this ‘Stout Season’ beer you speak of?

A: Shortly after we open we’ll also be pouring a special Stout Season Imperial barrel aged stout and 100% of the proceeds will go to Smilow Cancer Hospital.

We can’t wait to share our beer with you!

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