Luppoleto Beer: Now In 16oz Cans!

There may be a global aluminum shortage but we thought, ‘Hey, seems like a great time to get into cans!’ We kick off 2021 with at least 4 types of beer in cans each week!

You can purchase cans online for touchless curbside pickup or stop in the brewery anytime the taproom is open. We don’t sell in packs – each can is available “a la carte” so you can mix and match all you want – as you know, we love variety! If you’re interested in a beer that is not currently available in cans, you can purchase a growler instead!

Our Process

We don’t have an automated filler or canning line. Each can is filled with a manually operated device similar to the fill head of a proper canning line. We flush each can with CO2 and fill it with beer slowly from the bottom. This allows the beer to (hopefully) flow into the can under a blanket of CO2 – minimizing exposure to oxygen, and the slow fill helps to maintain carbonation levels. Once there is a small “cap” of foam floating just above the brim of the can, we place a lid on top, squish out mostly foam and a bit of beer, then we run it thru the seamer.

We are only working 1-2 weeks ahead on fills. So cans available this weekend were either filled last Wednesday or this Wednesday. This is to help ensure freshness. Unfortunetely, it means we may occasionally sell out. If we do, we will package some cans for the next day we are open so we’ll only be sold out for the day.

Some folks have expressed disapointment over the switch to cans as they generally prefer bottles. We get it. I don’t prefer drinking directly from a can. But when poured into glass, we consistently preferred the canned version to the bottled version in our blind testing. For the local folks who still prefer bottles we are fully restocked on our 750ml swing-top growlers.

Growler Swap

We are currently operating our growler program as a swap. If you own a Luppoleto growler, simply bring in your clean (rinsed & free of debris inside) growler and we will swap it for a clean & sanitzed growler filled with ANY beer on tap. That’s right, one of the perks of growlers is you get anything on tap not just the limited menu available in cans.

All returned growlers are run through a rigorous cleaning & sanitizing regimen to ensure they are safe to use again.

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Cans To Go

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Shop our selection of beers to go. Now in 16oz Cans, filled fresh each week!
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We sell online Gift Cards! (link above) We also have physical gift cards available in the taproom.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common can questions:

How long will the cans last?

Stored cold, we are comfortable with up to 4-6 weeks. Remember: Freshness Matters

What if we get a can that doesn’t taste right?

Let us know and we will refund or replace it ASAP!

Do you offer bulk discounts?

We will offer case discounts in the future – once we have a steady supply of cans.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or general feedback about the canning operation. We want to know if you are enjoying the new cans or if you encounter any issues, since we want to fix them!

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