Calling All Artists

We’ve been eager to showcase local artists for quite some time, but now we actually have a super cool, modular gallery wall that accommodates many sizes and configurations. We’re excited to have artists come and display their work, for you to enjoy! Hopefully we can facilitate some sales of their work along the way!


In a nutshell, we plan to feature 1 artist per month.


We have room for up to 15 medium-sized framed pieces where the outside of the frame is up to 14” wide and up to 20” tall. For those photographers out there, that means we could showcase 12-15 framed 11 x 14 photographs (or matted 8 x 10’s). If you have larger pieces we can accommodate those too - provided they are below the weight threshold of 30 lbs. Obviously we can showcase fewer large pieces.

Selling Prints

If you are selling prints of your work, we can put a box of them in a self-serve area and allow prospective customers to browse. You can also handle this digitally and we are happy to post a QR code on the gallery wall or a link on our website.

Selling Originals

If you are selling originals, we can handle the transaction thru our Point-of-Sale system and tag the original as sold. It can remain on display for the duration of your show (if you’d like) where you can package up the work and make arrangements to get it to the buyer at the end of the month. Or you can allow the customer to take it with them immediately. Just let us know which method you prefer.

We’ll Handle Any Simple Transactions

We will facilitate the sale of your work thru our Point-of-Sale system for any artwork that we can simply hand to the buyer - as-is - or mark as sold and provide at the end of the show. If you are providing additional services such as framing or any custom orders / commissions to produce new art, we’d ask that you arrange to manage that directly with the buyer. We are happy to promote a time for you to be present for a meet-the-artist event at the brewery to help facilitate this.

Payment to You

If customers make payment via credit card or cash, we will provide you the full amount of their purchase, less taxes & any applicable credit-card transaction fees. For simplicity, we’re thinking these would be disbursed at the end of the month but we could also probably get you that money sooner if neccessary. For large transactions ($500+), we will only accept a small deposit then have the customer deal directly with the artist for the remainder.

Promotional Materials

We will work with you to develop a quick artist profile (answer a few short questions) which will be posted on our website and on display in the gallery. Feel free to bring any other promotional materials: such as rack cards, flyers, stickers or business cards. We will have a table, near the gallery, available for displaying these items.

What if Nothing Sells?

Well, that will happen – especially outside of some of the common gifting seasons. We can work with you to post a small selection of your artwork on our website that we can keep at the brewery to sell even after your show is over. If they don’t sell within 6 months, we can return them to you.

CLICK HERE if you’d like to show your art at Luppoleto!

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