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Thank you to all of the folks who have been helping us kick-the-tires on our new online beer menu and ordering tool. Our Biergarten is waaaaaaaaaay at the end of the Plaza so we built this tool to ensure no one would have to wait too long for a beer. For us, the best hospitality means not having to wait for waitstaff to happen to walk by in order to get your next beer.

Hospitality Is For People, Transactions are for Robots

Hospitality isn’t in the ordering of beer. It’s in the deciding; the what to order, the advice. Ordering itself, is transactional.

Once you know what you want, the best experience is to let you order it. Right now! You shouldn’t have to wait for your waiter. You shouldn’t have to count on someone randomly interupting your conversation to see if you need something else.

Liberated from their role as order taker and empty-cup-sentry, our staff can converse, provide advice and do all those non-transactional things.

Anonymous Notifications

In the age of COVID, there is a side benefit to using a phone-based ordering system. If we were to learn of any customer who developed symptoms, we could push a notification to all the other phone numbers that were active in the ordering system at that same time. We hope we will not have to use this feature, but for us, it’s nice to know we have a way to proactively inform the folks who might be at risk in hopes of stemming the spread.


Do I have to use it to order beer?

No. If you are not a phone person or just don’t want to use the website for some reason, we can send orders thru on your behalf.

Do you store my credit card?

Nope. We don’t actually handle the payment side of things at all. The only folks who get your Credit Card info are the good people at Square.

Do you share/sell my phone number?

Nope. We will never share, rent or sell your phone number. We respect your privacy. We just confirm it to ensure you aren’t ordering on someone else’s behalf and use it to contact you in case you forget to pay.

Upcoming Features


This is a homegrown product. James & his old programming buddies have been building this in their “spare time” and we recognize there have been a few hiccups. So we really appreciate you bearing with us. That said, we’ve learned a lot in just the few weeks we’ve been using it and have been working hard to streamline the whole process.

If you have feedback, please feel free to reach out. There is just one rule. Be Kind.

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