You Said "Beer", Survey Says...Round 2!

Together with our favorite game gurus, Burt & Amy, we brainstormed an idea for a Family Feud-inspired concept that we’re calling, “Survey Says…”. We’ve collected survey responses over the last few weeks from Taproom patrons, HBG visitors, friends, family, and maybe elsewhere on the internet. The prompts are fun, silly and vaguely self-promotional.

Next Game:

Friday, July 14th, 7:00PM

How it Works

We’ve drastically simplified gameplay from the head-to-head, buzzers & steals model in order to accommodate more teams (up to 15). During the game, teams simply jot down their best guess at the #1 answer on the board. That’s it. Mostly.

Once the host reads the survey prompt, everyone has 60 seconds to write down their guess and bring it to the host. Those guesses are tabulated and revealed in a similar fashion to the show.

“We asked 50 people to name a Luppoleto beer, Team Awesome, Team Gobias and Team Blanketsburg Said, ‘Ombra’…Survey Says…DING…20 Percent!”

You get the idea. Whenever a team’s guess is on the board, they’re awarded points, equivalent to the percentage of respondants who gave the same answer.

At the end of the round, if the #1 answer has NOT been guessed, all the teams have another 30 seconds to guess the top answer. Again, no embarassing face-offs, just a “Second Chance” card where you write your best guess after seeing the other answers revealed. Here teams are only awarded points if they correctly guess the #1 answer.

Then we move on to the next round.

There are three 5 question rounds, followed by a Tie-Breaker round (if neccessary) for teams tied for 1st place.


Do I have to get up in front of everyone!

Nope! This game is played with cards you fill out at your table. There is no embarassing face-off, no buzzer, no head-wagging mockery from the host over your silly answer. There will be light-hearted “team-level” ribbing for especially heinous responses; but we’re not as clever as Steve Harvey, so you’re in the clear!

What do I win?

The top 3 teams will get Luppoleto prizes: gift cards, coupons, etc..

Sounds complicated. How long will this take?

Collecting and tabulating everything was a hefty task but gameplay should be simple and fairly fast-paced. We estimate total time for the game will be a little over an hour.

If I want to play, when do I need to arrive?

It’s best to get to the taproom around 6:30pm if you have a small group. You may want to aim a bit earlier if you have a bigger group (to ensure you can get seats together). The game starts promptly at 7pm

How many people can be on a team?

2-6 is typical but you can have as many as you want. If we are running low on teams, we might ask a particularly big group to split up to add a bit more competition. Hopefully that won’t be a problem.

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