For the last few years, we’ve collected toys for Project Elf, a Windsor Locks Social Services program that helps distribute toys to local families in need. This year, we’re partnering with BrewHeads Entertainment to be bit more strategic about that by adopting specific families in town. This allows us to get items more tailored to their specific needs – and more importanly, it allows us to buy things they need (like clothing and shoes) because we have thier sizes, favorite colors and favorite characters.


Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pickup a Mission Card at the Taproom (available starting Friday, 12/1). Each card has a specific item (Doll, Slime, Pants, Shoes, etc..) along with a profile for the particular “Reindeer” we are helping. Once you return your mission card to the brewery you’ll get a coupon for a pint on us as a Thank You! Plus, if you bring your unwrapped gift to our Ugly Sweater Party on the 15th, you’ll get a coupon for the Fat City Kid Food truck Too!

Mission Cards


To make things interesting, we’ll have a friendly competition between Team BrewHeads and Team Luppoleto to see which group can collect their gifts the quickest. So if you want to support a specific team, be sure to select your “Mission Cards” carefully! The winner is ultimately the families – cuz whoever wins can divert the balance of their support to the remaining gift needs.

I mean, but ultimately, we wanna win, right TEAM LUPPOLETO?

Mission Accomplished

The Finale for Operation Reinbeer will be the Ugly Sweater Party on Dec. 15th. You can bring your unwrapped gifts in anytime before then, but mark your calendars for the 15th if you want to celebrate together.


I am sure I didn’t perfectly explain this so as questions emerge that help clarify I will add them here…

Q: Why don’t you do this as a digital wishlist?

A: Many reasons. For starters; we’d love for you to support local shops when possible instead of just using Amazon for everything. No shame, we just wanted to give you the chance to shop small rather than bake in a big-box retailer for convenience. But more importantly, that would require us to pre-select specific items and that kinda takes the fun out of it.

Q: Should we wrap the gifts?

A: No. Even though it seems like it MIGHT be helpful - cuz we are buying items off of a list, rather than generic items that will be sorted later – WL Social Services has asked that the items be unwrapped.

Q: Why are their typos in the intercepted Letters to Santa?

A: Why are their typos in the intercepted letters to your MOM! Sorry, that was uncalled for. Um. Obvioulsy, they were written by kids so…yeah…kids make mistakes.

Q: Why would you try to intercept North Pole Communications in the first place?

A: That’s classified.

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