We were fans. I mean not at first. Adam Duritz has a very distinctive voice that can be - dare we say - a bit whiny. But my friend implored us, to make an exception. So the 5 of us loaded into a tiny 2-door Nissan Sentra for the 10 hour road trip to Montreal! It was a Luppoleto-sized venue, in the Strip District, that was really more of a dance club. No seats. It felt almost like a well decorated school gym, just without the chaparones or bright lights. It remains my favorite Counting Crows show ever.

Live music connects people in a unique way. We were all woven together with the bands' energy, Adam’s poetry, the sticky beer covered floor, the - shall we say - extra friendly French Canadian girl who danced uncomfortably close to all of us that night. It was an experience we recall often with fondness – other than the stupid “Garbage Plate” in Syracuse. That was a bad move. It is aptly named.

As I said, my friend Dave was already a Counting Crows fan. That’s the night the rest of us became lifelong fans. Aside from the “music connects us” part, where am I going with this? Well, the Counting Crows have this concept album called Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings which really should have been on Vinyl but it was before Vinyl was cool again. Instead, it was a 2-disc set divided into upbeat, high-energy tunes on the Saturday Night disc, and mellow, melancholy tunes on the other. We’ve decided to incorporate this concept into our music program to deliver a bit more variety and bring in more high energy acts to balance the mellow Sundays.

Saturday Nights

Starting in November, we will have 2 high-energy Saturday evening shows. First, Ali Kat & The Revelators (or some of them anyway) will bring the Funk on November 18th. Ali has a tremendous, powerful, soulful voice. She connects deeply with the music when she performs and her passionate performances - even as just a duo - are among my favorites to grace the Fuzzy Couch Stage. I can’t wait to see her with a nearly full band. Because she is bringing more bandmates, there is a nominal $10 fee for tickets (Get Tickets Here). All of that money goes directly to the band.

Later in the month, Will Gorry will be bringing in his rotating ensemble: with guest electric guitarist, fiddle player, singers, bassist maybe even a guest flautist. We’ll see, with Will anything can happen. We have partnered with Will to help anchor the Saturday nights as, even thru sad ballads, he somehow manages to inject a magnetic energy into every performance. We look forward to the additional dimensions the ensemble will unlock. In lieu of a cover charge, the band has requested people bring a canned good for the Windsor Locks food bank. We will also donate $1 from every pint sold during the show towards purchasing warm clothes (gloves, hats, socks, etc..) for Windsor Locks families in need.

Sunday Mornings (err…Afternoons)

We are going to keep our rotation of mellow solo acts on Sunday afternoons, but - starting in January - will be adding a Seasonal Songwriter showcase where 3-4 artists take turns talking about / performing their original music. We’ve received lots of feedback from performers that our audience is among the most engaged of the venues they play so we think this format would be a great match for our patrons. I was shocked to learn some venues specifically ask performers NOT to do originals, so we are optimistic the Luppoleto faithful will come out to support a relatively rare opportunity to celebrate local musician’s original art!

November Live Music

Messy Transitions

This idea has been evolving over the past few months, so you may find the performers don’t always fit neatly into the Sunday = mellow box. For example, Bigfoot Diaries, who are playing this weekend are VERY high energy. They will probably shift to Saturday Nights in the future.

We also booked the very gifted Walter Jacobson months ago to play on the Sunday AFTER Will Gorry & The Dogs or Whoever plays the night before. Optimally we would only have one musical act per weekend as our audience isn’t quite large enough yet to cover two shows back to back. But we assure you these will be 2 totally diffent musical experiences and encourage you to check ‘em both out.

But Wait, There’s More!

To sweeten the deal we are offering a musical “punch card”. During the month of November, we have 5 live music events so we’re doing a special promo for beer & music lovers out there. Grab your pass at the next Fuzzy Couch Stage event. We’ll stamp it each time you come to a show.

Get Your Fuzzy Couch Stage Pass!

Fuzzy Couch Stage Pass

This month we have TONS of LIVE MUSIC EVENTS! so we're doing a special promo for you beer & music lovers out there. Grab your pass at the next Fuzzy Couch Stage event, we’ll stamp it each time you come to a show.

At the last show of the month we will have 3 drawings.

  1. Fans (3 stamps)
  2. Superfans (4 stamps)
  3. ULTIMATE Fans (5 stamps!) ** GRAND PRIZE! **

With increasingly cool Luppoleto prizes!

As always, thank you so much for supporting our little brewery, music, the arts, crafts, bocce and all the zany things we do here at Luppoleto. A customer recently called it, “a little oasis in Windsor Locks”. With November winds turning bitterly cold almost overnight and so much political unrest, we all need an oasis, a momentary escape every once in a while. We feel privileged to be that place for some of you. ~ j+j

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