James Tv Trivia, Timeline & Survey Says...

The Quiz-O-Matic is on a short break until May. In the meantime, we’ve whipped up a few Trivia and Trivia-ish activities. Including “Timeline Trivia” which we’ve done before and “Survey Says…”

James' TV Trivia

Friday, April 7th @ 7:00pm

You may think the lack of TV’s in the taproom represents a disdain for television and TV shows. It does not. We regularly enjoy a blend of shows from oldish (the 90’s) to new, dramas & comedies, all of varying quality. Some are exceptional, others are fun “guilty pleasures”. The Quiz-O-Matic recently did a TV themed game, but James' did very poorly. Chris made a very challenging version. James is hosting an easier version where he can redeem his poor performance by knowing all the answers ahead of time!

More James TV Trivia Details… (Inlcuding Shows To Know)

Timeline Trivia

Friday, April 14th @ 7:00pm

Deep in the HBG Game Grotto there is a simple but progressively challenging card game called Timeline*. The front side of each card describes a significant historical event and, without knowing the date (which is on the back), you must place that card correctly into the “timeline” of other cards on the table. We start with just 1 card on the table so you have a 50/50 shot. But every correctly placed card stays on the table and the timeline expands - creating more historical nooks and crannies for you to work around and smaller and smaller gaps between events. It’s quite fun and feels ever-so-slightly educational. Consider it training for the upcoming Quiz-O-Matic season.

*NOTE: This game has been temporarily removed so y’all don’t cheat!

More Timeline Trivia Details…

Survey Says…

Friday, April 21st & 28th @ 7:00pm

Together with our favorite game gurus, Burt & Amy, we brainstormed an idea for a Family Feud-inspired concept that we’re calling, “Survey Says…”. We will be collecting survey responses over the next few weeks from Taproom patrons, HBG visitors, friends, family, and maybe elsewhere on the internet. The prompts are fun, silly and vaguely self-promotional.

During the game, teams will attempt to guess the top answer on the board. That’s it. Mostly.

While the game show is a “head-to-head” game with buzzers and such, we have drastically simplified that bit to accommodate as many teams as want to play. Once the host reads the survey prompt, everyone has 30 seconds to write down their guess for the top answer on the board and bring it to the host. Those guesses are tabulated and revealed in a similar fashion to the show.

Whenever a team’s guess is on the board, they’re awarded the points corresponding with that answer. If, at the end of the round, the #1 answer has not been guessed all the teams have another 30 seconds to guess the top answer. Here teams are only awarded points if the correctly guess the #1 answer. Then we move on to the next round.

Want to help make the game a success? Click Here to answer our Survey Questions!

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