Luppoleto Bocce League!

“What if we just put a court inside the taproom.” Since we’re fairly crazy people, we built an indoor bocce court for the brewery. We’re forming a league to play 8 weeks, starting March 15th. There are drink specials for team members on league night, plus the League Champion gets a BIG Luppoleto prize.

If you’re interested, we will have the playing surface setup for open play NEXT Wednesday (3/1). Swing by to get a feel for the gameplay and register your team. (James is trying to get it setup sooner, but he’s got a busy brew schedule this week.)

UPDATE: The court is setup for drop-in play on Wednesdays before league play begins!

Full Schedule & League Standings

Here’s how everything’s gonna work…hopefully.


Each team roster must be 2-4 people. When recruiting team members, be sure to note that team members get 10% off drinks & snacks in the taproom on league night!

Registration: $25/team
Sign-ups begin at 4 pm on Wednesday March 1st in the Taproom.
The first 8 teams to register are guaranteed a spot in this round.

At least 2 team members (or designated alternates) must be present for your team to compete. If your minimum roster size is not met, you score a -1 for the week.


If no one from the roster is available to play on a given week, the team may designate “alternates”. The alternates will receive 10% off drinks & snacks on the night they play however, they are not eligible for the grand prize.

The League

Our goal is to get 8 teams in the league.

The Season

With a 8 team league, the season will be 8 weeks long. This allows each team to play each other over the first 7 weeks. The 8th week is the championship.

The season will begin: March 15th.

There will be 4 x 45 minute game timeslots each Wednesday.


Games are to 15 and each team rolls 4 balls each round. Points are scored for every ball that is closer to the Pallino than ANY other ball on the opponents team.

How much closer? The rule is that it must be OBVIOUSLY closer which means a simple string measurement ought to be sufficient. We aren’t pulling out tape measures.

If all of the balls from team A are closer to the Pallino than ANY of the balls from team B, team A is awarded a bonus point for 5 total points.

The winning team will score 1 point for each win plus 1 bonus point for a margin of victory of 5 or more points.

There are a few other details in gameplay that will be covered with a standard rules sheet here in the brewery.


The top 4 teams qualify for the Championship Tournament. Playoff games will be to 25 pts.




The winning team will get a special trophy plus a 6-month Mugless Club Membership for each registered team member.

If you have questions, comments or concerns please feel free to Contact Us.

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