And We're Back!!

So our Winter Break is over. Did you miss us? Wait, don’t answer that. James is too fragile. He can’t handle the results. So yeah, we’ve got a FULL lineup of food trucks for you this week plus the return of Live Music on Sunday! And if you’re doing that Dry January thing, we’ve got NA Beers from Athletic + plenty of Soft Drink options too.

Regular Hours

Our regular hours resume Thursday (1/12) which means we’re here 4-9PM. You might be saying, “What about Wednesday? You just started those? Will you still be open on Wednesdays?” YES! Just not this week (it’s a travel / recovery day). We are committed to Wednesday’s AT LEAST thru the end of the Winter.

Trivia is Almost Back

Mark your calendars now! Just one more week until the triumphant return of Quiz-O-Matic Trivia at Luppoleto. Each Friday, Chris will be dosing out his signature mix of fun, silly, and occasionally challenging be-spoke questions. You’ll want to start recruiting your team members now! PRO TIP: Make sure they know if THIS is a dog! (iykyk)


During our visit to Bavaria, we learned that the short winter shutdown is actually quite common. They even have a word for it: “Winterpause”. Then again, Germans seem to have a word for everything! They just keep tacking stuff to the end until it means what they want.

Sigh Actually, they are quite clever and their words are fine. I’m just lashing out because, after 10 days in the country, my German language skills have not advanced one bit. For example, consider this transcript from an actual restaurant interaction:

Despite our language foibles, we had a great time and have compiled a big list of recipe ideas inspired by our travels. We can’t wait to tell you all about it! I mean, you’ll probably hear about it regardless, we might just spare you the slideshow. Unless you ask. Actually, you’re getting the slideshow too! I worked hard on it!

Salute / Prost ~ J + J

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