It's A Festaversary!

Our 3-Year anniversary of opening is technically today (9/12/2019), but we always thought it’d be perfect to celebrate Oktoberfest-style! Our Grand Opening was in October so we decided to split the difference and celebrate on Saturday, October 1st! We’ll be tapping some special beers plus: live traditional music, beer brats, giant pretzels and more!

Let’s face it, you’re gonna get a beer, you’re gonna get a beer brat, you’re gonna wanna sweet Luppoleto mug. We want you to save the date. So we’re giving you a big discount if you buy now.

$25 VIP Bundle


Regular People For those not in the market for a super awesome Luppoleto mug or compliments from James – theoretically, those people exist – you will be able to come to the celebration without purchasing the VIP bundle. All your beers & food will just be purchased a la carte, and you will leave forlorn, lonely, and wishing you had a beautiful Luppoleto mug and sweet, sweet beer savings to keep you company. Here’s that button again if you are having second thoughts…

We will be tapping our Community Hopped IPA plus 1 of 2 kegs of Bierzucca, our take on a pumpkin beer; made with real pumpkin, herbs and spices.

Plus a few more special beer projects we’ve been working on!


Starts at 6 pm

For those of you who were lucky enough to experience Sarah the Fiddler’s visit to our little brewery, two of her band members will be returning to play traditional German Folk Songs featuring accordian! (how often do you get to feature that?)


Starts at 5 pm

One of our favorite food trucks, Rolling Smokehouse, will be serving up their regular menu plus a few German inspired items like beer brats, there was talk of beer cheese and beer mustard! We’ll see what they come up with!

Special Beers

Starts at 1 pm

KOPPAR We love all types of beer, but when breeze turns cool, and the leaves turn red & orange, we crave those cozy malty lagers. This is a deliciously smooth, rich and malty, toasty and bready with just a touch of caramel sweetness. For the celebration, we will be serving this beer on sidepull faucet!

A West-Coast inspired version of the Community Fresh Hop Beer made with local Thrall Malt & hops grown in Windsor Locks! All the ingredients for this beer were sourced from a 5-mile radius. For the celebration, we will be serving this beer on our English Hand Pump with an extra dose of community-grown hops!

BIERZUCCA A Belgian-Style beer with pumpkin, Belgian Candi Sugar, herbs & spices. Most “pumpkin” beers are actually pumpkin-spice beers, driven heavily by cinnamon. We do NOT use any cinnamon. We DO use pumpkin.

A 100% Thrall Malt Kellerbier made with a special batch of Maple-Smoked barley, malted right down the road in Windsor, CT. Our other smokey beers have been subtle, this is boldly smokey yet refreshing.

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