Febtoberfest isn’t a thing. I mean, it isn’t an event on a single day. It’s just the moniker we’ve attached to all the new and exciting stuff coming up in this month. BTW, for being the shortest month, this February managed to squeeze in 5 Saturdays. We see you FEB. We see you.

Weekend #1

Thurdsay (Feb 6)

Friday (Feb 7)

Saturday (Feb 8)

Sunday, Feb 9

Weekend #2

Thursday (Feb 13)

Friday (Feb 14)

Saturday (Feb 15)

Sunday (Feb 16)

Weekend #3

Thursday (Feb 20)

Friday (Feb 21)

Saturday (Feb 22)

Sunday (Feb 23)

Weekend #4

Thursday (Feb 27)

Friday (Feb 28)

Saturday (Feb 29)

Sunday (Mar 1)

NOTE: We will update this post with more details as they become available.

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