COVID-19 Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines to help us ensure a safe & healthy visit for all our guests.


We will begin service with disposable cups in one size only (16 oz).


Masks must be worn whenever you are not seated.

Tables & Chairs are already positioned at 6 FT distancing please don’t move them.

Please wait to be seated. We have to ensure the table has been disinfected between parties.


We must comply with Restaurant rules to be open at this time. That means alcohol can only be served, “in the context of a meal prepared on site.” We know that sounds a bit silly and almost as if it conflicts with the rule change that the State of Connecticut passed in 2011 which permitted breweries to open Taprooms. But that is a debate for another day.

What this means for you..

Per the Heath Board & State of Connecticut; customers are required to purchase a meal from the neighboring establishments or food trucks before we can serve you. Food from home doesn’t count. Food from elsewhere doesn’t count. Miming, for some reason, also doesn’t count!

We know that is an arbitray & frustrating rule, but there’s really nothing we can do about it right now.

I am sure we can have a vibrant debate about the the merits of these rules, but this is not the time or place for that. If you don’t feel you can comply, we get it. You can still get Touchless Takeout Beer but we’re afraid our taproom will not be avaiable to you at this time.

We’re not happy about it and the CT Brewer’s Guild is actively campaigning to have these restrictions lifted. But for now, these are the rules; made by folks who issue us a license to operate. We are in no position to disregard them just because we think they are excessive or illogical and arbitrary. If you have any displeasure with these rules, we encourage you to direct that frustration at your State officials!

Last Updated: July, 15 2020