Perform Live at Luppoleto

To get an idea of the types of acts that play at Luppoleto’s #fuzzycouchstage, check out our current Live Music Lineup.

So You Wanna Play?

If you’re interested in playing in the taproom, here are the basics:

  • Light Amplification
  • Smaller Acts Preferred
  • Mostly Acoustic
  • Mostly Sundays
  • Beers for the band are on us
  • You can & should put out a tip jar!

Sound good? We just need a few details from you: Sign-Up Here.

More Details (if that’s your thing)

Per our license, we’re NOT permitted to bring in acts with heavy amplification; which generally means no electric guitars and probably means no full drum kits either. Sure, there are exceptions – but basically, if the neighbors complain that it’s too loud – we don’t get to do it anymore.

We are a very small business and while we don’t expect people to perform for free – we can only offer modest compensation to our performers at this time. As such, they are welcome to supplement with their own tip jar and we strongly encourage our patrons to toss in few bucks if they are enjoying the performance. Hopefully we can eventually build a large enough crowd to enable us to increase that compensation in the future.

Again, if you think you would be a good fit for our space, please fill out this quick 12 question form. It’s a super helpful way for us to keep track of all the acts who’ve reached out and to get a better idea of your musical style and availability.

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