Jeff Przech

Sun, Mar 3 ~ 3-5 PM

Jeff Przech (pronounced “Presh”) is an artist and songwriter originally from Hartford, Connecticut. While he draws inspiration and influence from numerous artists and genres, Przech writes and sings Country music. “There are very few things I love more than singing country songs,” he says. His deep, resonant baritone elicits frequent comparisons to Chris Stapleton, Darius Rucker, Gregg Allman, and even Waylon Jennings, one of Przech’s musical heroes. His most recent release, Helena: The Country Sounds, gives a nod to his affinity for the classic country music of the mid-1970s with songs featuring mostly acoustic guitars and accented by pedal steel.

Come check him out at his premier Luppoleto #FuzzyCouchStage appearance!

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