Community Supported Agriculture At Luppoleto

What if you could pick up fresh local produce with fresh local beer at Luppoleto?

That’s what we’re working on right now! The farmer needs 20 sign-ups to make it worthwhile so join now!

What You Get

~ Sign-Up by May 12th and Save $25 on your share! ~

Luppoleto Add-Ons


Get 16 weeks of Luppoleto cans for only $15/4-pack (Reg. $18) with your weekly veggie pickup!


Prefer to drink a fresh draft beer, cocktail, wine or snack when you come for a pickup? No problem! We will make you a member of our Mugless club each pickup day.


Ok…this isn’t beer, but it’s still awesome! Get one of our Fresh Giant Soft Pretzels made by Hartford Baking Co with each veggie pickup.

What We Need From You

If you would like to participate please stop by our Taproom anytime we’re open by May 31st to fill out an application form and submit your payment (check is preferred).


Here are some answers to questions we’ve gathered thus far. As we get more questions we will update this area with more answers.

Q: When do the pickups start?

The first pickup will be Wednesday, June 7th and it will run through September 27th (except July 5th b/c many people are away for the holiday).
That’s 16 weeks total.

Q: What happens if we can’t pickup?

Your share will be donated to the food bank.

Q: How much food are we talking about?

Each week you will get 1 grocery bag filled with enough produce for 2-3 people.

Q: Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes, but the farm will pass along the Credit Card fee of $20 for processing the CSA payment. Check is preferred.
You can pay for your Beer Add-On via Credit Card for no additional fee.

Q: Is this the farm where James worked in his youth?

Yes, it is. James will never, ever, ever weed onions again. Ever.

Veggies By Season

Here’s an idea of what your share will include through each season.




Updated: 5/1/2023