James' Tv Trivia

You may think the lack of TV’s in the taproom represents a disdain for television and TV shows. It does not. We regularly enjoy a blend of shows from oldish (the 90’s) to new, dramas & comedies, all of varying quality. Some are exceptional, others are fun “guilty pleasures”. The Quiz-O-Matic recently did a TV themed game, but James' did very poorly. Chris made a very challenging version. James is hosting an easier version where he can redeem his poor performance by knowing all the answers ahead of time!

Shows to Know

The first few rounds will feature questions from each of the following shows that James has watched…a lot:

The final round will feature questions from each of the following shows which James has enjoyed but not seen as much:

  1. The Office
  2. Modern Family
  3. Letterkenny
  4. Rick & Morty
  5. Archer
  6. Ted Lasso
  7. Brooklyn Nine Nine
  8. IT Crowd
  9. The League
  10. News Radio

Since no one is likely to have the EXACT same taste as me in TV, you may need to call in some more friends to supplement your core Trivia team. 98% of questions will be about stuff that happened in the show. If you’ve seen most of the episodes at least once, you’ll have a shot. If you’ve seen them more than once – you’ll get em all right.