Joey Sirko

Joey has been playing for close to 30 years and gigging for 25. Performing live is his passion and greatest release. He pulls inspiration from Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Bob Marley-the greats on acoustic guitar. His evolution into becoming a singer/songwriter came about during the 90’s, so Joey’s setlists consist of anything from Pearl Jam to Peter Gabriel, Dave Matthews to even Sarah McLachlan. Not the average bar stool performer either; “refreshing” is a common term regarding his setlists. “Not the norm, but songs you love to hear”. Perhaps a singer/songwriter for the next generation of patrons.

Joey took a hiatus when his three daughters were born but started playing live again once the time was right, securing residencies at local establishments prior to the pandemic shutting things down. Breweries also became a favorite of his to play at for their unique atmosphere. As the industry starts to begin its recovery from the pandemic it seems we’re all starting from scratch in a way. He says it’s and honor and a privilege to be a part of bringing the music back to the local venues and most importantly, bringing live music back to the people and we’re excited to have him back at Luppoleto again!