This beer uses ingredients from our Community Hopyard Project and Thrall Malt to build an ultra-local beer. If the barley was grown in one of the Windsor fields, all the ingredients will have been sourced from about a 5-mile radius of the brewery! Now that’s drinking local!

This is a variation on the main Putting Down Roots beer which was held at sanitizing temperatures but not brought to a rolling boil. We steeped a large number of fresh hops in the hot wort, covered it and allowed it to cool before pitching in KVIEK yeast, a strain that works at very warm temperatures to add a lot of unique fermentation character. The result is a totally unique beer with distinctive earthy hop character.

Perfect if you like:

  • Drinking Ultra Local
  • Supporting the Community
  • Raw & Wriggling…beers
  • Experiments
  • Hops
  • Fruit
  • Spice
  • Bitter
  • Roast
  • Sweet
6.5% ABV