Artist Spotlight

Susan & Joe King

At the Luppoleto Gallery: December 2023

Manchester, CT resident Joe King started drawing at a young age creating art for a junior high magazine.  Later, Joe studied painting with Professor Berrisford Boothe at Lehigh University and received a B.A. in Studio Art from Arizona State University.  Artist Berrisford Boothe taught Joe about composition, design, and the art world.  After college, Joe continued his studies with artist Gail Hinchen. Joe paints non-objective abstract paintings that explore the relationships between different colors.  He likes to explore the push-pull effect of different colors while simultaneously limiting the number of colors involved.   He has primarily used acrylics but has used oils, spray paint, India ink, and mixed media.  Joe’s work has been in group exhibitions in Canton’s Gallery on the Green, West Hartford’s Art League, and with the Mystic Art Association.

More info about Susan coming soon!