Artist Spotlight

Jeff & Ally Greene

At the Luppoleto Gallery: July 2021

“My Paintings are only the ashes of my art.” - Yves Klein

I may not be a painter but this rings true for me. Before I became an avid photographer, I thought the photo itself was the objective. But now see it as more of a side-effect. Photography is an art concerned with learning to see better, then allowing others a chance to see with you; to peek with your perspective and see a moment thru your lens. The hunt; the process of finding an intersting subject, truly seeing it and capturing it crisply – in optimal light, is challenging but that practice is a reward in itself. And it has been most rewarding to “hunt” with friends (mostly my Dad).

I am so grateful for the things the camera prompted me to do like: Getting out into nature more, spending time with my Dad or even meeting other nature-lovers along the way. I’ve returned many times from a “hunt” with no good captures but lots of good memories. For Jeff & Ally, their time together is part of the art and that makes it even more beautiful to me. ~ James

Jeff Greene

My interest in photography began in my late teens when the father of a close friend built a darkroom and showed us how to develop film (black & white) and print our own photos… I was hooked! On my 16th birthday I received a Pentax K1000…and after thousands of frames with that camera I bought my own Nikon FM with a 50mm f/1.2 (a small fortune for a 20 year old). Like many, somewhere between youth and adulthood I put that interest aside. It was not until “many” years later that my daughter enrolled in a photography class in college that I rekindled my interest in photography…enter the digital age! After buying my daughter her first digital camera for her birthday, I soon accepted digital media as an acceptable option to film and bought myself one as well. As much as I enjoy combining the old and new elements of photography, I have enjoyed even more the opportunity to share the experience of photography with my daughter Ally these past several years.

Artist Profile Questions:

How would you describe your art? Flavor of the day (mostly B&W)…Landscape, documentary and still-life

What role does art play in your life? Keeps the right side of my brain balanced with the left side

How did you learn/develop your skill? At 16 I got a Pentax K1000…I was hooked from there.

Has anyone had an influence on your art? Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lang, my daughter Ally!

What inspires you to keep creating? The fear of not being creative

What is the most satisfying piece you’ve made? Yet to be captured

Have you made any special connections as a result of your art? Time spent with my daughter on photo “hunts”.

Ally Greene

I first got into photography when I took a class on it in high school and ever since then I have tried to improve my photography skills through every picture I take. I really enjoy going out and seeing what I think would make an interesting picture. I also enjoy the editing process and bringing out features of the photo I most like.

How would you describe your art? I enjoy taking macro photography and try to get the minor details of things that people don’t often see

What role does art play in your life? Art plays a role in my life through seeing everything the way my camera would see it.

How did you learn/develop your skill? I developed my photography skills during my freshman year of college. The professor I had really pushed us to hone in on our skills to take better quality pictures.

What inspires you to keep creating? Nature inspires me to keep creating, there are so many things to capture that Mother Nature offers.

What is the most satisfying piece you’ve made? My most satisfying piece that I have done is a picture of a leaf with dew drops in it. I spent a long time trying to get the perfect shot.

Have you made any special connections as a result of your art? Me and my dad have definitely bonded over photography, whether it be watching YouTube videos on photography or going out and taking pictures we always support each other on our photography journey.