Artist Spotlight

Fallon Rae

At the Luppoleto Gallery: May 2022

Fallon Rae is a New England based painter looking to expand what the arts mean internally and externally.

Finding art to be clues, either to connect us to ourselves or to those who came before us, she thinks of herself as a detective - piecing together a new part of the world.

Each stroke, stitch or nail is placed to mend and construct a new perspective for humanity to either overwhelm themselves or overlook.

Thriving to create a world to dance in where the skies are abstract but the vision is linear, her hope is you will start to see your world a little brighter after viewing these pieces.

Fallon’s work showcases an array of subjects, spirits, and perspectives. Looking to align visions with vulnerability in artwork through displaying authenticity, she molds work to the space, allowing for a new presentation in every showcase. A variety of large, small, and 3D paintings, sculptures and work play with each other for each installation. Fallon’s goal is to not be limited by one subject matter or style, but always have an overarching distinct touch and mission.

She challenges the view of what things are and could be - adding color, contrast, and a collection of information with each exhibit.

Follow along this powerful presentation of old and new world styles & check out Fallon’s work on Instagram.