Artist Spotlight

Amanda Brough

At the Luppoleto Gallery: July 2023

Amanda Brough is a professional makeup artist turned into a painter. From faces to canvases - she’s always enjoyed creating art! She uses many indigenous symbols, which are her “hidden positivity messages” in her paintings and honor her Cherokee heritage. Amanda has always prided herself on her precise line work and attention to detail in makeup, so when she picked up a paintbrush, she honed in on that skill by using cubism within pop art. That’s how Amanda discovered her painting style of bright quirky designs that continuously inspire new ideas in all avenues.

Her first painting was called “stay weird” and the rest carried suit from then on. She enjoys naming them as much as painting; they all have pun-ny strange titles, which reinforces Amanda’s overall viewpoint to remain true to your inner child and have fun. She loves incorporating bright colors against the black because it’s so polar opposite that it just works. Sometimes, you just need a little color in this dark world!

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