Luppoleto Art Gallery

Current Exhibit

September 2023

Skip marsh

Acrylic Nature Paintings

Skip Marsh first learned to paint at age 12 when he started taking classes for oil & watercolors. Later he switched to acrylics and has been hooked ever since! In 2018 he retired from the business life and now spends most of his time trying to capture the beauty all around us. More...

Upcoming Shows

Heather herindeen

Colorful & Playful Expressions of the World Around Us

Gallery Date: October 2023

Artists at the crossroads

Artwork from an Eclectic Collection of Artists

Gallery Date: November 2023

Susan & joe king

Photography, Collage & Paintings from a Sister & Brother Duo

Gallery Date: December 2023

Anna olivia smith

Acrylic portraits and digital illustrations

Gallery Date: February 2024

Past Shows

Hal wright

Wildlife Photography, Mostly from the Wild West of Wyoming

Gallery Date: February 2021

Charlie + harold

Veterans who use photography as medicine

Gallery Date: March 2021

Rob monte

Come explore Rob's love of America's Pasttime thru his collection of Baseball Art

Gallery Date: April 2021

Stephanie garofalo

Acrylic and Mixed-media paintings

Gallery Date: May 2021

Jeff & ally greene

Father & Daughter Share Their Photography

Gallery Date: July 2021

Michelle hawran

Retro-Inspired Paintings

Gallery Date: August 2021

Chris ouellette

Bacterial Expressionism

Gallery Date: September 2021

Madeline jacobsen

Landscapes, interiors and botanicals

Gallery Date: October 2021

Michael dryburgh

Abstract Art & Acrylic Pour

Gallery Date: December 2021

Amy smith

Bright & Colorful Watercolor on Paper and Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery Date: January 2022

Bonnie jacobson

Acrylic Landscape Paintings on Canvas

Gallery Date: February 2022

Iris damberg

Miniatures, Gouache & Oil Paintings

Gallery Date: March 2022

Joe cadorette

Veteran Art Therapy

Gallery Date: April 2022

Fallon rae

Psychedelic Naturism Paintings

Gallery Date: May 2022

Joe mcauliffe

Landscape Photography

Gallery Date: June 2022

Christy bartley

Pour Paintings & Pet Portraits

Gallery Date: July 2022

Tedd andrews

Large Format Paintings, Sculpture & more!

Gallery Date: August 2022

Joe burger

Watercolor Wonders

Gallery Date: September 2022

James f. roche jr.

Capturing "Life's Simple Beauty"

Gallery Date: October 2022

John silliman

Enchanting Underwater Photography

Gallery Date: November 2022

Matthew stokes

Landscape Abstracts

Gallery Date: December 2022

James wright

James describes his work as, 'Generally better than a blank wall...sometimes.' We think you'll agree

Gallery Date: January 2023

Blue dragonfly

Inclusive explorations of color, patterns & different mediums

Gallery Date: February 2023

Rachel schuster

An Exhibit Exploring the Many Forms of Fiber Art

Gallery Date: March 2023

Taylor burton

Reflections of our National Parks

Gallery Date: April 2023

Amaya jade

Finding Beauty & Peace within Chaos

Gallery Date: May 2023

Joshua esan

Portrait, concert, and fine art photography

Gallery Date: June 2023

Amanda brough

Bright & Quirky Pop Art

Gallery Date: July 2023

Craig gilbert

Mixed Media

Gallery Date: August 2023

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