Luppoleto Art Gallery

Current Exhibit

April 2024

Valerie allgrove

Glass on Glass mosaics, designed to hang in the window

Valerie Allgrove is a Windsor, CT native. She creates Glass on Glass mosaic art designed to hang in the window. Many of her pieces feature nature themes; an avid gardener and flower grower, she also raises butterflies. More...

Upcoming Shows

Blue dragonfly

Inclusive explorations of color, patterns & different mediums

Gallery Date: May 2024

Liz waters

Landscape & Abstract Photography

Gallery Date: June 2024

Liv d' elia

Landscape & Travel Photography

Gallery Date: July 2024

Past Shows

Hal wright

Wildlife Photography, Mostly from the Wild West of Wyoming

Gallery Date: February 2021

Charlie + harold

Veterans who use photography as medicine

Gallery Date: March 2021

Rob monte

Come explore Rob's love of America's Pasttime thru his collection of Baseball Art

Gallery Date: April 2021

Stephanie garofalo

Acrylic and Mixed-media paintings

Gallery Date: May 2021

Jeff & ally greene

Father & Daughter Share Their Photography

Gallery Date: July 2021

Michelle hawran

Retro-Inspired Paintings

Gallery Date: August 2021

Chris ouellette

Bacterial Expressionism

Gallery Date: September 2021

Madeline jacobsen

Landscapes, interiors and botanicals

Gallery Date: October 2021

Michael dryburgh

Abstract Art & Acrylic Pour

Gallery Date: December 2021

Amy smith

Bright & Colorful Watercolor on Paper and Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery Date: January 2022

Bonnie jacobson

Acrylic Landscape Paintings on Canvas

Gallery Date: February 2022

Iris damberg

Miniatures, Gouache & Oil Paintings

Gallery Date: March 2022

Joe cadorette

Veteran Art Therapy

Gallery Date: April 2022

Fallon rae

Psychedelic Naturism Paintings

Gallery Date: May 2022

Joe mcauliffe

Landscape Photography

Gallery Date: June 2022

Christy bartley

Pour Paintings & Pet Portraits

Gallery Date: July 2022

Tedd andrews

Large Format Paintings, Sculpture & more!

Gallery Date: August 2022

Joe burger

Watercolor Wonders

Gallery Date: September 2022

James f. roche jr.

Capturing "Life's Simple Beauty"

Gallery Date: October 2022

John silliman

Enchanting Underwater Photography

Gallery Date: November 2022

Matthew stokes

Landscape Abstracts

Gallery Date: December 2022

Rachel schuster

An Exhibit Exploring the Many Forms of Fiber Art

Gallery Date: March 2023

Taylor burton

Reflections of our National Parks

Gallery Date: April 2023

Amaya jade

Finding Beauty & Peace within Chaos

Gallery Date: May 2023

Joshua esan

Portrait, concert, and fine art photography

Gallery Date: June 2023

Amanda brough

Bright & Quirky Pop Art

Gallery Date: July 2023

Craig gilbert

Mixed Media

Gallery Date: August 2023

Skip marsh

Acrylic Nature Paintings

Gallery Date: September 2023

Heather herindeen

Colorful & Playful Expressions of the World Around Us

Gallery Date: October 2023

Artists at the crossroads

Artwork from an Eclectic Collection of Artists

Gallery Date: November 2023

Susan & joe king

Photography, Collage & Paintings from a Sister & Brother Duo

Gallery Date: December 2023

James wright

James describes his work as, 'Generally better than a blank wall...sometimes.' We think you'll agree

Gallery Date: January 2024

Anna olivia smith

Acrylic portraits and digital illustrations

Gallery Date: February 2024

Alex ranniello

Portraits and Figure Paintings

Gallery Date: March 2024

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